Hawaiin House

Check Out This Hawaiian Hideaway Made From Lava Rock

Hawaiin House

Have you been to Hawaii? It is the most magical tropical getaway. True, it doesn’t have Disney parks like Florida but is has better beaches, less people, and more original activities. I loved the luau that we went to. I can’t remember which one but they are all amazing. Another thing that is amazing about Hawaii is this lava rock house featured at Little Things. It is picture perfect!

The ‘Lava Rock Hale’ is a picturesque Airbnb rental that owners Eric and Diane regularly rent out in Pahoa, HI. It is round with porthole windows and has the cutest interior. This house is located between three volcanoes, a toasty hot spring, and clear snorkeling. The bathroom is outside but it’s not an outhouse by any means.

We went to Kauai once and I can’t wait to go back again. The problem is that those airline tickets get pretty expensive. Here are some ways to book the cheapest flights.

See inside this most adorable Hawaiian house here…

LittleThings: Tour Inside This Hawaiian Lava Rock House (photos)