Stay Warm Save Money

This Home Hack Will Help You Save Money On Heating Bills

Stay Warm Save Money

I got the best Christmas gifts ever! A heating blanket and soft fuzzy slippers. I asked and Santa came through! There was never a doubt in my mind. I am always so cold during the winter months and hopefully these warm presents will keep from turning into a popsicle. I might not be cranking up the heater to tropical climates anymore.

Have you ever thought of using bubble wrap to insulate your windows? No? Get onboard. It’s affordable and easy to come by. I love that you can get it with designs; how perfect for those doors and windows that are more visible. There are products made specifically to stick on windows that are really expensive and bubble wrap is a nice alternative.

A lot of companies will come and do a free ‘energy evaluation.’ They check to see where the problem areas are and where heat might be escaping and where the ventilation/insulation issues are. Having one of those done will save you a ton! SFGate has some other great ways on how to keep the cold out…

Here’s the video… Enjoy!