This Very Unusual Ingredient Will Help Your Plants Grow

diapers for plants

Diapers are incredibly absorbent. That’s kind of the point of them. Did you know those absorbent innards can be used for more than just keeping your little one dry? They can be used to make the soil in your garden super absorbent. This is brilliant and perfect if you live in a dry climate, are going through a drought, or are just looking for ways to save on watering costs!

The gel inside is a polymer. They sell that in gardening stores everywhere but I want to try this method. It just seems fun. This video from The King Of Random, Grant Thompson, breaks it down and is so helpful!

This is such a helpful hack and I’m sure my garden will be grateful but it’s not my favorite thing to do with diapers. My favorite is making diaper creations for baby showers! They are so fun and there are so many brilliant ideas to choose from. You can make fun tricycles, gorgeous cakes, and even adorable prams. So fun!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!