Helpful Hacks For Hard To Open Items


Ready or not, here comes Christmas. Are you truly ready? There is so much to do in preparation for the upcoming holiday. Even if you think you are prepared there may be a thing or two you haven’t thought of. I bet you didn’t think about the hard work of opening presents. Yup. It can be tough! This video from Buzzfeed has some tips on how to open hard-to open things. Not all of them pertain to gifts (pistachios aren’t gifts!) but all of them are helpful.

Opening clamshell packaging is the worst! I think that when they say, “It is better to give than receive,” they are talking about clam shell packaging. Everything seems to be packaged in that stuff these days. I have cut myself with the knife used to open them and on the sharp plastic once open, my husband has broken scissors, and the kids are told to steer clear!

Christmas morning will be saved thanks to this hack! (You will also save yourself time and heartache opening nail polish, difficult jars, and snacks with the other hacks in this roundup!) Speaking of hard to open things…here are some other tips on how to open those difficult jars. You are welcome.

Here’s the video with all 6 hacks… Enjoy!