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This Historical Mansion Was Once a Prison and Its Now For Sale

This historic mansion was built in Bedford County, Pennsylvania in 1895. It was constructed by the state as a prison, and it remained in use for almost 100 years. A few years ago, the prison was renovated into a residential living space! The prison turned into a home went on the market for $489,000 and it was recently reduced to $439,000. The home now includes 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The original wood floors still remain and the home has beautiful brickwork.

This house is a beautifully preserved piece of history. Although it has been renovated to be a residential home, there are still many of the old prison features. On the outside, you can see the original stone sign and the guard tower. On the inside, many jail cells still remain in the basement. The basement also has an original brick oven, which was used to make prison bread.

All of these impressive features make this prison turned into a home unlike anything we have ever seen before. This home is so beautiful, but also has a great history.
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1. This historical mansion in Bedford County, PA was recently listed for $439,000

prison turned into a home front

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2. It was constructed in 1895, and its original purpose was to be a jail. It was used as a jail until 1995!

prison turned into a home front-2

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3. You can still see the original sign out in the front

prison turned into a home sign

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4. And the original plaque remains on the inside

prison turned into a home plaque

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5. The prison was recently converted into a residential home

prison turned into a home porch

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6. When you enter the home, nothing looks unusual

prison turned into a home entrance

prison turned into a home living-room

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7. The home has five bedrooms and two bathrooms, all fully renovated

prison turned into a home bathroomprison turned into a home bedroom-1

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8. The home has some impressive windows with some unique views

prison turned into a home windows-2prison turned into a home view

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9. But that all changes when you go down to the basement

prison turned into a home hallway

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10. Because the jail cells still remain!

prison turned into a home cellsprison turned into a home individual-cell

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11. This old mansion is unlike anything we have ever seen before.

prison turned into a home last-look

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Would you live in this old prison turned into a home if you were given the chance? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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