Bacon Twice Baked

He Hollows Out A Baked Potato For One Simple Reason. Delicious!

Bacon Twice Baked

Do you remember that old kids song about the potatoes? ‘One potato, two potato, three potato…delicious!’ Ok, it didn’t go quite like that but you get the idea. It’s about yummy tubers. Who doesn’t love a warm, melty, cheese and sour cream oozing potato? Trust me this recipe is for you!

This is a different and tasty take on the twice baked potato. First you bake it and then you dress it up and bake it some more. What an American food! Take one healthy potato and stuff it with every amazing thing that is a little less healthy. You can put whatever you want into your ‘filling.’ I love it. My favorite part of this recipe is that it is wrapped in bacon! I think that I would add some of the cheese later so it doesn’t bake for 40 minutes.

I stumbled across the most fabulous potato roundup from the Huffington Post. They have gathered up 21 ways you can serve these tasty veggies. Broccoli and cheese, crispy skins, buffalo hasselback, apple bacon stuffed, spinach and artichoke, and so many more. Find these and more here.

Find the delicious recipe in this video… Enjoy!