This Wacky Home Is Just 4 Feet Wide and Its History Is Fascinating

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“It’s like a wedge of cheese” Says Kathy Rathvon, the listing agent for this home.

This Seattle home was built in 1925. Unlike the current tiny homes on the market, this one was not built to be trendy or to save money. This home was built out of spite!

At its narrowest point, this home is only 4 feet wide. Its unique shape allows the home to make the most out of the small strip of land it is on. This 4 foot wide home even has a lower level.

There are two possible stories about how the home came to be. The first is that a man owned this property and could not sell it. It was believed that the land could not be built on, so a neighbor gave him a low offer for that strip of land and the seller accepted. Then the purchaser built this home.

The other story is that a divorcee lost her home to her husband. She was able to acquire this strip of land on the property and she used it to build her own home!

Because of this story, this Seattle home is also known as the “Spite Home”.

If you want to live here, this 4 foot wide home is currently on the market for $519,000. After looking at the pictures, would you like to live here? I would.

Looking at this home from the front, it looks like a normal, quaint home.

But when you look at the side, you see it’s only 4 feet wide at the narrowest point.

This tiny home has two levels.

Luckily, there is much more space than you would think.

This home has 840 square feet. 420 square feet on each level.

Surprisingly, this home fits a full kitchen with all appliances.

The master bedroom has a beautiful bathroom too.

And here is a video about the home. For $519,000 this could be yours.

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What a unique home! Could you ever imagine living in it? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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