Home Decorating Ideas That Won’t Cost You A Dime


This is a great roundup full of wonderful do-it-yourself decorating projects for your home that won’t cost a dime. I am so excited to feature it here today! Brightside knows what’s up with these 25 ideas. You will love them! These are unique and beautiful and cheap

When I hear DIYs that won’t cost a dime, I think ‘yeah right.’ But these ones really are. Paint swatches are free. So is newspaper, old tee shirts, and books/magazines. Some of the other ones are free as long as you already have the supplies (aka post it notes, hangers, plastic spoons). These decorations can be used to add something ‘special’ to every room of your house. Perfect for any design style and personality. Love! I adore the wall map made from newspapers. How original and affordable! I am not a fan or the knitted chair covers though. They don’t fit my home all that well.

Find all 25 fabulous ideas here…

Brightside: 25 Home Decor Ideas That Won’t Cost You Anything At All