This Home Is Just 160 Sq Ft But Full Of So Much Character

Modern Tiny House

What’s this? A box? A house? Yes. It’s a shipping container turned house. I love it! Houses can be made out of anything these days; buses, grain silos, caves. Literally anything. Houses being made of shipping containers is a newer trend that is starting to pick up steam around the globe and I’m so glad!

This home, designed by the Costa Rican firm Cubica, is a marvel. It has a compact design and was built with an environmental awareness. I want to vacation here! Every bit of space has been used to the fullest. You would think that 160 square feet would make for a miserable living space but it’s quite the opposite. It’s lovely!

I love the recessed lighting, wood, and natural warm colors. It just feels so homey. This would be an awesome extension to any home. Although that would take away from the nice natural setting.

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Here’s the link to take the full tour…

LittleThings: Take The Tour – 160 Square Foot Dream Home