homemade cheez-its recipe

Homemade Cheez-Its Recipe

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homemade cheez-its recipe

Cheez-its are absolutely one of my biggest guilty pleasures. I can snack on these all day long and don’t even care if I miss a meal because I have been grazing on cheesy goodness all day long. I am a snacker. I like to take my time and eat slowly and these are perfect for that LOL.

It used to be that gold fish were my snack of choice but it transitioned to cheez-its recently. So, when I came across this recipe for homemade goodness I just had to share my excitement with you!

Love this blog (Shop Girl Maria) and they have tons of other great posts too. Take some time to browse around. I also will be trying the Frozen Yogurt Drops too.

Happy Baking! Here’s the link to the Cheez-It recipe…

Shop Girl Maria: Homemade Cheez-Its

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