27 Homemade Halloween Decorations To Try This Year

Halloween is a magical time of year. Fall is in full swing, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and this is the only acceptable time of year to scare your neighbors! During this time of year many people want to decorate their houses the best they can in preparation for the trick or treaters. After all, what other time will you have to decorate your yard with fake spiders and ghosts?

Since Halloween is coming up you should start preparing for the season. Find the best decorations to scare those around you! If you do not have any decorations or want to make your own, be sure to check out these DIY decorations below. Not only are they fun to make, but you will save money in the process. Some of these DIY decorations are so good you might think that they were store bought! And the best part is you can make them too.

Here’s All 27 Homemade Halloween Decoration Ideas…


1. Painting a wreath black and wrapping a snake around

Via: Martha Stewart

2. Set up a pumpkin archway for trick-or-treaters

Via: Crazi Carlos


3. Attach a fake finger to your doorbell

Via: Pretty Prudent


4. This concrete pumpkin is super easy to make

Via: Hometalk


5. For ‘The Nightmare Before Christmans’ Fans

Via: April Cook


6. A cute trick-or-treat entryway

Via: Pocket Full of Sawdust


7. These ghosts are super easy to make

Via: Every Day is a Crafting Day.


8. This Jack Skellington Wreath is a great piece of Halloween decor

Via: Etsy

9. A simple straw hat wreath

Via: Ritzy Wreaths


10. Another great ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Wreath

Via: Channelling Dolly


11. Halloween is also the perfect time to decorate snacks

Via: Halloween Fruit Snacks for Kids | Halloween Fruit Bat

12. As well as this spooky pizza

Via: Halloween Spider Pizza


13. This centerpiece is perfect for your kitchen table

Via: Pockets Filled with Posies


14. Wine glasses make these great decorations

Via: The Keeper of the Cheerios


15. You can add creepy eyes to your bushes

Via: Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons


16. This DIY spider wreath looks great

Via: Where the Smiles Have Been


17. Check out this easy DIY spider garland

Via: Madame Criativa


18. Add fake cockroaches to walls in your home

Via: Amazon


19. Decorate your fireplace to reflect the holidays

Via: Your Cozy Home


20. Turn egg cartons into bats

Via: Happy Clippings


21. This decoration can be easily made

Via: Star Shine Chic


22. Decorative wreaths like this are perfect for Halloween night

Via: M and M Wreaths


23. The ‘Boo Crew’ sign is a great and funny decoration for those with little ones

Via: Heidi Markish Designs


24. Make bloody handprints for around the house

Via: Pinterest


25. Pumpkin eating a man

Via: Pinterest

26. Juice shots with liquid syringes are a creepy decoration and snack

Via: Pinterest


27. ‘Rotton’ deviled eggs for Halloween

Via: Pinterest


28. Wooden Crate Pumpkins

Via: Crafty Morning

29. DIY signs are a fun and easy decoration. This one used the footprints of their little one!

Via: wherethesmileshavebeen


30. Halloween skeleton campfire

Via: craftymorning

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