Honey Directly On-Tap Is Finally Here


Have you ever considered beekeeping? With this new invention from an Australian father son team, you can begin beekeeping in your own backyard. You won’t even require a beekeeping suit because the extraction method for the honey hardly disturbs the bees. No angry bees = no stinging bees.

There is a major epidemic in the US killing honeybees. Honey bees are crucial to your flowers and backyard garden because they help pollinate your plants. Pollinated plants produce a much higher yield than unpollinated plants. As honeybees die off, many american crops are suffering from low yields. You can be part of the solution and it is much easier than you think.

This great invention is still being crowd funded. They have begun manufacturing them, but they are already backordered until February. So, you can order one now, for about $650.00, or help crowd fund it now and buy one when the manufacturing cost goes down. I’m going to start saving for one of my own! National Geographic has an interesting article on the honey bee. Read more about their plight here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!