makeup tutorails

How To Apply Makeup For The Best Result

makeup tutorails

How’s your makeup game? Beginner, intermediate, or pro? I’m stuck in the middle all the way. I have my go-to daytime makeup and my go-to night time makeup. It would be nice to branch out but things can just be so complicated! These 17 diagrams, featured at Diply, will help simplify things and hopefully make it easier for you to understand makeup overall.

There is so much information here! How to find the undertone of your skin, what all the different makeup brushes are for, the do’s and don’ts of foundation, and so much more. Be sure to bookmark these diagrams. You will want them all!

WikiHow has some helpful information for those just beginning to wear makeup or those who are stuck in beginner stage and want to advance out. It’s not an in-all-end-all, but it’s worth checking out. All Womens Talk also has a lot of great pointers. Find them all here and have fun!

Find all 17 diagrams here…

Diply: 17 Diagrams To Help You understand Makeup