How To bring Bananas Back To Life


Zombies are all the rage right now. The Walking Dead premiered last night and it was awesome. (I heart Norman Reedus. How could you not?!) Fear The Walking Dead ended the week before that. Have you ever heard of a zombie banana? Suburban Life hacks with Brandon Queen shows how to take a ‘dead banana’ and give it life again. I can use this for sure.

You need a ziplock bag, some rice, and a hair dryer. This trick is similar to what you do if you drop your cell phone in water. (Which my husband did just this weekend and we were able to save it!) Um… this hack is amazing! You can see the banana being restored right before your eyes. From black, back to yellow. True life hack right here. Instructables has all the other tips that you need to keep your bananas fresher longer. Hooray. You won’t need to resuscitate the if you can keep them fresher longer.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!