How To Color Eggs With With Dye Rice


What are your favorite Easter traditions? Eating the ham? Or maybe your family eats lamb and mint jelly? A lot of people go to church, get pics with the easter bunny, and go on egg hunts. (I just saw something the other day about a ‘beer hunn!’ It’s for the 21 and over crowd and I think I’m going to have to implement it this year! Watch this cute video to find out more.) Our family does a lot of those things. Another thing we do is color egs. There are so many fun tutorials and creative ways to do it. Fun ways like the one featured in this video!

This product, called Shake It!, uses rice and food coloring. The rice is divided into the three provided cups and the coloring is then poured in and shaken up until it’s all mixed together. Can you guess what happens next? That’s right. In goes the egg and more shaking. The colored eggs have a very natural look to them. Especially the blue one. It looks like a robin egg. I wonder how many you can do before the rice loses its coloring power? Do you think this would work with regular rice and food coloring? Just a thought.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!