How To Cover Up A Tattoo With Makeup


Do you have a tattoo? One random web search said that 14% of all Americans have tattoos now. Another search said one in five (that’s higher than 20% of the population with ink). I don’t have one and don’t think I will get one. For the longest time I was on the fence but I think I’ll just let the younger generation carry the torch. Lol. This video from Nibbles Official is for those of you who do have amazing body art. Pay attention!

Tattoos are art and should be displayed, right? For the most part but every once in awhile there might be a time when you need to cover yours up and this video tells you how to do that with simple drugstore makeup. I am amazed by the end result and how natural it looks. It’s definitely important to get makeup that matches your skin tone though.

For more light reading on tattoos. Here are 75 radical facts on them. Because why not? Also, here is a site you should make a habit of visiting. Fails are bad. Tattoo fails? Is there anything worse?

Here’s the video… Enjoy!