How To Crochet A Peacock Motif


Are you a fan of being warm and cozy? Yes? Then you will like this blanket from Crochet Ever After! It is cute and promises to keep you warm on those winter nights. Crab your crochet needles and check out this peacock motif.

I love all the bright colors! Peacocks are colorful birds and a blanket based off their plumage should be no exception! Purple and green are two of my favorite colors. You can find a free pattern for the motif here (Living The Craft Life). It’s not for the blanket, just the motif. Also it’s not quite the same pattern from the video but pretty stinkin close!

In love with all things peacock? Many people are. There are a lot symbols and meaning attached to these pretty birds. What does it mean when you dream about them? What do their feathers mean? Learn all about them here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!