cut onions without crying

How To Cut Onions Without Crying

Cooking is a labor of love. I’ve poured sweat and tears into my dishes and after a lot of work they have come out masterful works of edible art. A lot of the crying has probably been from onions. Pesky veggies! Thanks to this tip from Jack Scalfani there won’t be any more tears in my casseroles. The part of the onion that causes tears is the root; the bulb and gas that gather inside it. Crazy! He shows us how to get rid of that part of the onion without any fuss or mess.

I’ve cut onions under water, while chewing gum, and while wearing goggles. They all work but I’m curious to try this method. (I’m always looking for bigger and better!) My contacts seem to shield my eyes pretty well right now but I don’t always wear them. I’ve heard you can bite on a match or paper towel and that the onion fumes will go there instead of your eyes. Interesting! Here are some other hacks from Distractify that you need to check out…

Here’s the video… Enjoy!