How To Fix A Zipper That Won’t Close


The zipper as we know it today was ‘invented’ in 1913. Although other prototypes existed before then, that is when it started to be used to ‘zip’ things. It started to be used in fashion in 1925. Leather jackets were the first items of clothing with zippers. Cool! But that’s enough history. Zippers are here and our clothes are better because of them (especially our jeans).

Zippers are great but have you ever had one that broke. Such a bummer deal! Don’t worry friends, not all is lost. This video from UCAN Zippers USA shows you how to repair a zipper that doesn’t close from the bottom. This kind of damage usually happens on bags so it will come in super handy for travelers and school kids with backpacks. All you need for this? Pliers and 3 minutes and 15 seconds to watch the video. Wonderful! I have that. Jeans and zippers go hand and in hand. Learn the history of your favorite jeans here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!