How To Fix Those Pesky Drywall Cracks


There are so many fun do it yourself projects out there. I write about them nearly every day. Things that are showy. Things that you can say to all your friends, “Look what I did.” They can all marvel at your craftiness. We can post it to Instagram and pin it to our Pinterest boards. On the other hand, there are the projects you must do out of necessity. The projects that aren’t necessarily fun. This is one of those posts. How to repair an all to common problem with our homes as they age.

Ken at Monkey See brings us his repair solution on how to repair drywall cracks. Drywall begins to crack as the weight of your home continually settles on its load bearing walls and foundation. Sometimes the pressure causes cracks in the dry wall. Nothing to worry about structurally, but the unsightly crack needs to be repaired. Can’t just hide this one with a strategically hung picture. Looking for some more easy DIY repairs? This Old House has the answers you’ve been looking for. 52 repairs that really are Do-It-Yourself.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!