Rainbow DIY Paper Project Torn From The Sky - DIY Fold Lucky Paper Stars

How To Fold Tiny Paper Stars

paper star craft

“Torn from the sky.” What a romantic phrase. It reminds me of the movie Stardust, where a ‘star’ (Claire Danes) falls from the sky and all of the adventures she has while trying to get home. And who hasn’t made a wish on a lucky shooting star? I count my lucky stars (pun intended) that I found this DIY from Homesthetics. Now I can make some of my own stars and you can too.

This is a simple origami project. It only has 8 steps! That’s nothing compared to the paper crane that has around 20 steps! You can make big or little stars, adjust the template to fit your mood. I recommend starting off bigger so that your fingers can get a feel for it. I know that’s way I’m going to start. These would make the most wonderful centerpiece! Paper stars (hombre rainbow) in jars or scattered loosely around the table with twinkle lights might have to happen at my next party.

Check out this other amazing origami project from Swide…It’s sure to impress!

Find the full article, printable templates, and beautiful pictures from Homesthetics here…

Homesthetics: Folding Lucky Paper Stars Tutorial