How To Make A Beautiful Tower Of Flowers For Your Patio


I know that dates don’t matter. They don’t matter because officially the first day of spring is this weekend and it snowed today. Why won’t it stop?! It makes planting things difficult! Argh. My garden might never get started. Lol. At least there are fun DIYs out there that you can get started on now. Hooray for you and me!

You will need a flower pot, drain pipe, wire fencing, brown tarp, plastic tiles, rocks, and flower seeds. Those are all easy to come by (affordable too). Do you think this would work inside? I think it would! Doesn’t look like it would be too messy and then I could have home grown flowers while I’m waiting for it to warm up.

Here is a guide for when to plant what flowers. Some can be planted during the colder months (apparently like this March) and others can be started inside. Winner winner!

Find the full tutorial here…

Wimp: How To Make A Flower Tower (tutorial)