How To Make A Disco Pumpkin Ball


I was just talking about this at work yesterday. Pumpkin carving that is. They were on sale at the store yesterday and for some reason I didn’t get any. Maybe I will get some at the pumpkin patch and corn maze this next weekend. Fun! This video from Davehax shows how to turn a pumpkin into a disco ball.

Here’s what you do… Carve out the pumpkin and grab a drill or screw driver. Poke holes all over the pumpkin and attach some string to make it hang-able. Lastly, put in a light with a strobe feature. Easy peasy and different than all the rest. This would be great to hang outside for a decoration.

Here is another video on how to carve a pumpkin with a drill. Just so you have all the info needed. And here are 40 creative pumpkin carving ideas. I am loving this roundup from Brit And Co. Some of them involve using a drill and others are just all around brilliant.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!