How To Make A Draped Hypertufa Planter


Aren’t concrete DIYs the best? There are just so many things that can be done with fabulous quick drying cement. You can make coasters, stepping stones, garden hands, coat racks, and so much more. You can even make an awesome draped planter like the one featured in this video from Kim’s Garden. It looks fabulous and will withstand the weather like a boss.

Word to the wise…be sure to wear gloves when working with this stuff or else your hands will dry out! I haven’t made anything like a draped planter but I’ve had some experience with concrete floors. Yuck! However, I think I could pull this DIY off with moderate success. You?

Not everyone is a speedy visual learner. The Rustic Willow has the written instructions all nice and neat for those of us who go at a slower pace. It’s definitely more my speed!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!