How To Make Your Own Cleaning Slime


I played with all sorts of slimy stuff as a kid. Sticky, stretchy, moddable, gelatinous blobs have always been popular. I don’t have a clue why that is. It’s fun to play with but now there is another use for it…cleaning!

Cleaning slime is an interesting idea. Stores sell it, so why not make your own? It’s cheaper, incredibly easy, and so fun to make! Have your kids help out with this one…everyone will have a blast! You will need a measuring cup, water, a bowl, Borax, glue (white or clear school grade), and food coloring (Neon pink for me). This would be perfect for getting crumbs out of hard to reach places! I’m thinking keyboards and center consoles. Lol. What a great idea!

There is a similar version you can make without the Borax too. It’s main ingredient is liquid starch. Find that recipe here.

Here’s the link to the tutorial…

FaithTap: DIY Goop For Household Cleaning

Here’s the full video tutorial:

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