how to pack 2 weeks in a carry-on travel light

How To Pack 2 Weeks In A Carry-On

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how to pack 2 weeks in a carry-on travel light

I won’t really know if this is possible until I try it myself but if it can be done, I would be a happy girl! When we travel it’s a HUGE undertaking. I am so glad we are out of the strollers + car seats stage when it comes to flying. Now that’s something I am just fine and dandy with never having to do again.

See, when we fly it’s usually all the way across the country from Oregon to New York and also typically done during winter which is a whole other rant and rave LOL.

So, when I saw this post with tons of tips on how to travel really light I just had to share with you! Great blog with tons of good advice and photos.

Here’s the link…

Seventeenth and Irving: Travel Light During Winter

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