Lint Filter

How To Properly Clean Your Dryer’s Lint Filter

Lint Filter

I always thought cleaning the lint out of the lint trap of my dryer after every load was all the regular maintenance my dryer needed. It turns out I wasn’t doing enough. According to Whitney Crooks’ Son-in-law, Cameron, doing so isn’t enough. There is wax and other invisible things that build up in the lint trap when you use fabric softener. There are two ways to fix this. Stop using fabric softener. You can stop with the fabric softener by using tennis balls or specific dryer balls in your dryer. Personally, I love the smell, feel and reduced static of Bounce dryer sheets. I’m not giving those puppies up. So for me, well, watch the below video and you will see how I am going to take an extra step in cleaning out my lint trap.

While you are learning about dryer lint you should learn just how flammable it is. This video shows how to make a firestarter out of lint. As you can imagine if it is a good firestarter you probably don’t want lint to build up around your house. Your dryer’s lint trap does not catch as much lint as you think it does. Here is how you clean out the dryer exhaust pipe in your home.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Son in law Cameron Beckwith,just showed me something I didn't know..good information

Posted by Whitney Crooks on Saturday, January 3, 2015