De Fogger

How To Stop Your Car Window From Fogging Up

De Fogger

Did you know that a pair of socks and some silica crystal kitty litter can help you defrost your car windows in the cold months? This totally makes sense. Kitty litter absorbs moisture. It’s a great idea, especially if your defroster is on the fritz or if you didn’t leave extra time for it to warm up. Silica is used to absorb moisture (remember those little packets that come in shoe boxes?). Leaving this is the car overnight and all the day long should help get rid of that moisture problem.

I used to use this brand of kitty litter for Bernard, our cat, and it’s available at most pet stores. I know Walmart has it too. It would work for the defogging and it’s a quality litter too. We only switched because those little crystals travel over wood floors and our new house has wood floors and they didn’t just stay where they were supposed to.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!