How To Transfer A Photo To Wood

photo to wood transfer
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We have featured previously a project that shows you how to transfer images to canvas that ended up being very popular. So, when I saw this similar concept but on how to transfer to wood, I just had to get it out to you guys. For much better detail, make sure to watch the youtube video as well.

Here’s the full tutorial on youtube:

This guide will show you some crafty ways to transfer images onto a wide variety of different surfaces. By transferring images you can use your photographs and digital images to decorate many different items.

Methods of Image Transfer:

– Wax Paper
– Projector Transfer
– Citra-Solv Method

Wax Paper Image Transfer

The wax paper image transfer method works in a similar way to iron on image transfer. However, it’s much cheaper than buying commercial iron on transfer paper.

What you need:

– Wax Paper or Freezer Paper
– Credit Card
– Regular Ink Jet Printer
– Computer

Start by cutting a piece of the wax paper which is the right size to fit inside your printer. As you are applying this as a transfer, the image you are applying will need to be reversed. Make sure that the wax paper is fed properly through the printer, any wrinkles could affect the finished design. Put the wax paper down onto the item you wish to print on, and use the credit card to transfer the image to the item.

The wax paper method only really takes around 10 minutes to complete and is very cheap.

Projector Transfer

Another method of image transfer is to use a projector. This is easier than using stencils and allows you to create a very accurate result.

To use this method you will need:

– Projector
– Overhead slides (with an overhead projector)
– Paint

Design your artwork as normal using a desktop publishing application. Then use a projector to display this on the item you want it to appear on. If you are using an overhead projector then you will need to print the image onto transparency slides. If you are using a digital projector then it’s possible to hook it straight up to your computer.

Adjust the focus on the projector so that the image is the right size on the item.

Citra-Solv Transfer

The citra-solv transfer method uses a cleaning and de-greasing product known as citra-solv. This method is particularly useful for printing images onto fabric and linen. The method can only transfer black and white images printed using a toner such as a photocopier.

To use the citra-solv method you will need:

– Kitchen towels which are a solid color (or other linen product)
– Citra-Solv Cleaning product
– Paintbrush
– Iron
– Metal spoon
– Glass Jar
– Towel
– Newspaper
– Rubber Gloves
– Tape

Print a mirror image of the artwork you want to transfer to the material. Either use a laser printer, or print normally and photocopy it. This will create a copy of the image printed in toner which can be transferred easily onto the material.

Put the printed design in place on the material and use some tape to prevent it from moving. Once it is fixed in place, start using the paintbrush to apply the citra-solv cleaning solution. Rub over the design using the back of a spoon. This will loosen the toner and cause it to transfer to the fabric. As soon as you have finished the paper can be removed carefully. Wait for the image to dry completely, then use an iron to fix the design in place.

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