Ikea Is Launching A New Pet Collection And It’s Amazing

In the spring of 2018, Ikea will launch their new pet furniture collection called Lurvig, which is Swedish for hairy. And that makes sense, because it is our furry friends that will be getting the most use out of this furniture collection!

This pet collection was designed by Ikea furniture designers that also happen to be pet lovers. They consulted with veterinary specialists to find out what designs make dogs and cats more comfortable. This was done to make animals feel more attached to this furniture and feel more comfortable in their homes. What a neat idea!

Like everything else at Ikea, this furniture set is actually super cheap. Most of the items are way more affordable than the alternatives you would find at a pet store. Some of the timed feeding bowls are under $5, and there are standing cat beds that are under $50!

Ikea launched a furniture collection for pets and it is amazing!


They created products for both dogs and cats


But these products are more for dog and cat lovers!


This collection is called the ‘Lurvig’ collection


‘Lurvig’ is Swedish for hairy, which makes sense!


This collection was created by pet-loving furniture designers


And had veterinarians involved with the design as well!


These veterinarians gave the designers tips on what the animals liked based on their research


And that is why these animals look so happy!


Right now, there are over 41 items available for dogs


And there are 34 available for cats


Just like everything at Ikea, the prices are very reasonable!


Items in this collection start at only $5.99 for a cat house!

There are even cheaper items including $1 food bowls.


These items are currently not for sale in the U.S., but they will be soon!

They are currently being sold in Europe and Japan.


If you want one, they will be available around March of 2018.

source: Ikea

I cannot wait to see these at my local Ikea store. What do you think about this furniture collection? Would you get an item from this collection for your pets?