Inexpensive And Simple Ways To Improve Life Around The Kitchen

adds to eggs

I love hacks. Love them to pieces! Something that makes life easier and better? Sign me up! Here are three lifehacks you may not have seen before, all fridge and freezer related. It’s a short video that is worth your time. Watch to the end! I have never heard of the final one before.

The first, is how to tell your hardboiled eggs from your raw ones. I know, I know there are several other ways to do it but give her a little credit for this idea. She uses vinegar but you could probably use food coloring instead to really make it evident which ones are hard boiled. Use green food coloring if you want all the eggs to yourself. Lol!! I have seen the second one before, it’s a binder clip in the refrigerator to keep your cans and bottles from rolling around. This is a great idea that really works! I’d use it still but my new fridge doesn’t have racks.

Last is the one I haven’t seen before. I’m going to try it the next time I have a can of soda that needs cooling. So cool! And perfect for any hot summer day! Any other kitchen hacks come to mind? Hacks in general? Like I said, I love them all! Some are so ridiculous but for every 10 bad ones there is 1 good. Gizmodo has a fun roundup. It’s an anti-hack roundup. These hacks didn’t work!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!