Ingenious Ways To De-Clutter Your Life

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how to de-clutter your life

I found an awesome list of 34 great ways to de-clutter your home! I am putting at least 5 of these into action today LOL. Especially the velcro for the remote control. We are always losing the remote and this one tip alone will help save us so much headache.

In the image above you can see 2 more of my favorite ideas from the list. Put your power strip inside your nightstand drawer – brilliant! The second one is showing you how to setup a “crap” basket for each person in your family. This sure beats a pile in the bottom of the closet.

Head on over to BuzzFeed to see all 34 ideas… BuzzFeed – How To De-clutter Your Entire Life

De-Clutter your Life Following These Simple Steps

No matter how big your house is, clutter can make it look small and untidy. The same is true for businesses, clutter makes people look unorganised and is a serious problem. There are plenty of simple ways that you can banish the clutter from your life. This guide will look at 5 simple ways to de-clutter your life. De-cluttering your life will also make it easier for you to enjoy your life and make you less stressed.

Simple Rules to Decluttering

– Don’t leave anything until later – do it straight away
– Don’t be scared about throwing or donating things
– Train your whole family
– Throw letters away immediately if they are junk and not important

1. Tidying your Desk

Your desk should be virtually empty except for a few essential items. These essentials include a phone, monitor and perhaps a photo. Other than that though, you shouldn’t have piles of paperwork cluttering up your desk. The surface of your desk should be used just for writing. Whenever you get any paperwork although it might be tempting to leave it on your desk, try to action it straight away. Whether you want to delegate it, bin it, or file it, do it before you leave it cluttering up your desk.

2. Your Computer

Clutter isn’t just focused on the physical world, you can also create clutter on your computer. If your desktop is cluttered and messy then this can cause you to be unproductive and take you much longer to do anything. Start uninstalling any applications that you never use and remove the hundreds of links that you have on your desktop. It’s also possible to streamline the windows start menu by removing links that you don’t plan on using ever.

3. Deal with Letters

You will probably get a lot of unwanted junk mail which needs to be recycled almost straight away. However, few people do this and instead leave it cluttering up the kitchen or by the phone. Try to get into a habit of always opening your letters by the recycling bin so that you can throw any letters away that you don’t actually need before they create any mess.

4. Try not to Get Sentimental

Everyone is a hoarder by default, but they can learn to be less sentimental and start discarding things that they never use. Try to train yourself to cling onto things less and be prepared to let them go. If you don’t think that you will use an item then either throw it away or donate it. It’s impossible to store everything that you’ve ever had, and while it is nice to reduce, re-use and recycle, it’s not always possible.

5. Your Commitments

Many people live very busy lives with lots of commitments. Over time these can become cluttered leaving you very little time to do anything else that you need to do. Give yourself some time to sit down with your schedule and look over everything that you need to do. Try to remove any tasks which aren’t essential or are no longer as important. Perhaps you can share some of your commitments with your partner and family.

Living clutter free isn’t really very hard to do, you just need to make small changes to your lifestyle. You should find that by de-cluttering your life, you will be happier, you will have fewer arguments, and it will be much easier to find everything. By making these lifestyle changes it should be easier to stay living clutter free forever, good luck.

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