Historic House

It Took Over 30 Years For This Women To Discover Her Home’s Amazing Secret

Historic House

My house is pretty new, compared to most. Only 12 years old. (And it’s new to us – we’ve only been here 3 years.) It hasn’t lived a lot of life yet and these walls don’t have that many stories to tell after only a decade and change. The same can’t be said for Linda McQuillen’s house in Madison, Wisconsin. She thought she just bought a regular house in 1989 for $100,000 but what she really bout was a secret Frank Lloyd Wright House waiting to be discovered.

How fun is that?! You think you know someone (or some house) and then they go and get all famous on you. Lol. People were always asking Linda if hers was a Wright house but she never suspected. All the renovations that people had done over the years made it hard to tell too. What a cool story!

What’s the big deal? Who was this guy? Frank Lloyd Wright was an American architect, interior designer,and educator. In his lifetime he designed over 1,000 structures and 532 of them ended up being built. Check out his full bio here. The guy was a big deal! He shaped the face of modern American architecture and now we have one more of his works to appreciate.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!