Glass Sculpture

Optical Glass Sculptures By Jack Storms

Glass Sculpture

Jack Storm is a member on an elite club. He is an incredibly talented glass artist. One of the things that sets Jack apart from the masses is that he uses a cold process when forming his pieces. 99.9% of the artists who use glass as their medium use heat.

Jack has always loved art, even as a child. He turned his childhood pastime into a college degree, and that art degree has developed into a thriving career. His passion has paid off! What beautiful art and what a talented artist. His pieces made from lead crystal dichroic glass are one of a kind. Each takes between 8-18 weeks to complete. Yikes. He strives for nothing less than perfection. There are no shortcuts with this artform.

They are so bright and shiny! Where can I get one?! These 10 artists, featured at Design, are each masters in their own field of optical illusion too. Check them out here.

Find the mesmerizing video here… Enjoy!