This Tiny Home In Japan Is Unusually Narrow

Triangle House

This tiny home is unlike other tiny homes we have written about in the past. Not only is this home small, but it also has a very unique design. The home is a narrow tiny home and was built on a small triangular lot in Japan.

However, just because it is small does not mean that it isn’t spacious. The narrow tiny home actually has an impressive three stories, with loft style ceilings to give the home added space. The main floor is the kitchen and living room, and the master bedroom is downstairs. The upstairs floor is a small loft area that could also be a bedroom. The architectural firm Mizuishi Architects Atelier designed this home to fit a family of three in under 600 square feet.

When you take a look at the home, you will be able to tell right away that it is something special.

I would love to have a chance to visit this home and see it for myself. It is not just a home; it is a work of art. What do you think about this home? Would you live here if you were given the chance?

1. This tiny home in Japan is unusually narrow

It was built on a small triangular lot, so they had to make the space work.

narrow tiny home side

2. The entire home is roughly 594 square feet

narrow tiny home front

3. But the inside is incredibly spacious. You wouldn’t even be able to tell it’s a narrow tiny home!

narrow tiny home 2

4. The kitchen has plenty of space to cook

narrow tiny home kitchen

5. And the loft style ceilings make the home look huge

narrow tiny home living space

6. Downstairs, you have a very luxurious bedroom

narrow tiny home bedroom-1 narrow tiny home bedroom-2

7. The home only has one bathroom, but it is a full bathroom with a shower

narrow tiny home bathroom

8. There is even a loft style playroom upstairs

narrow tiny home playroom-2 narrow tiny home playroom

9. The home has great windows for natural lighting

narrow tiny home natural lighting

10. The home is also beautifully located right along a river. Such a wonderful property!

narrow tiny home 5

Images via: miz-aa

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