Why Japanese Bathrooms Are The Best


127.3 million people live in Japan. The population of America is 319.9 million. The U.S. is 26 times larger than the island nation. All of that to say Japan is crowed. There are a lot of people in that little country! The people there have had to get creative with their architecture. I love it! Buildings are tall, brilliantly shaped, and the interiors don’t waste an inch of space.

Check out these 12 reasons why Japanese bathrooms are better than all the rest. Bigger isn’t always better and the powder room featured in this video prove that. Each portion is sectioned off, so three people can use it at one time. The sink is huge so you can wash more than your hands. I really like how the bathtub has a cover, heater, and emergency button, and air dryer. I think it’s really cool how the bath water is recycled to wash the clothes. I was wondering why everyone rinsed off first! Here are some of those fun and tiny Japanese homes I was talking about. The pictures are the best!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!