Tiny Home

Check Out The Interior Of This Japanese Design Influenced Tiny Home. Just 280 Sq. Ft!

Tiny Home

Chris Heininge, the designer of this Japanese inspired home, found his inspiration from years spent living abroad. He fell in love with simplistic home designs, that even when small, didn’t feel crowded. He believes that they are more affordable and less expensive to maintain. What do you think? 70 Grand seems a little steep for a tiny home but it is pretty grand. Hehehe. Punny.

It would be the perfect space for an unattached person. I can’t see a couple living here too comfortably. Not too much personal space. I love all the windows and wood floors. The fireplace is a nice touch. I think the open bedroom is my favorite; that bed is huge and there is plenty of headroom. That’s not something you find in most tiny homes! The jacuzzi tub is definitely not a standard feature in little houses either. Lol.

Forbes has a really fun roundup of mansions inspired by Asian culture. There are a lot bigger than the above tiny home and a lot more expensive but oooohh sooo pretty! Find them here.

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Little Things: 280 Sq. Ft. Oregon Tiny Home Influenced By Japanese Design