House On Wheels

Jenna and Guillaume’s Tiny Dream Home

House On Wheels

Take a look at this rustic tiny home… on wheels! This couple decided to shed the corporate life for a lifestyle of waking up in a new location every day. Think you could do that? What a fun and exciting adventure every day would be! Wanderlust at it’s pinnacle.

I don’t think their lifestyle is feasible for us at the moment (with the kids, dogs, cat and all), but boy does it sound like a great adventure. It amazes me how people can throw all caution to the wind and venture out, like these two and their dog have done. I need to be more like that! I’m a little jealous of the things they get to see and do around our beautiful country. This is one way to see all the states. Well except Hawaii of course. (I don’t think this is what people mean by boat house. Haha.)

If this doesn’t wake a sense of adventure in you, you should check your pulse. Or maybe check this out… Number 10 is to die for! Hopefully not literally, but it would be such a rush! Safety Security Crazy has 10 of the most pulse racing activities out there! Find them here.

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