Plants That Will Help You Keep Mosquitoes Away

repel mosquitoes

The blood-thirsty mosquito population could be at an all time high this year. Yikes! That is a scary thought. The neighbors behind us have a pond that is looking pretty nasty. Can you say ‘breeding ground?’ If it is bad, at least there are some ways we can keep them away. Try planting some mosquito repelling plants and save yourself some pain.

Citronella is the big one we all think of when it comes to mosquito repellents but there are loads of other plants that keep those pesky intruders at bay too. Catnip, marigolds, lavender, peppermint, garlic…I never knew! Do you have any of these in your garden? If not, you should! Another way to keep those bugs away is with DIY citronella candles. They can be super cute in fun containers and you can add some fun sents to the normal plain citronella. I’m really excited to try this! Here’s a great tutorial to get you started.

Here’s the link to all 11 ideas…

Natural Living: 11 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes