Keep Those Pesky Pests Out Of Your Berry Patch


What is your favorite berry? I don’t think you can pick wrong here. Blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, huckleberry, boysenberry. All delicious! I buy mine from the store but many people grow them themselves. I’ve heard it’s a love-hate relationship. A labor of love. These planter boxes, featured at Gardening Jones, promise to make everything a little easier.

These boxes are raised, have hinges and lids, and hardware cloth covers. The covers let all the right things in, like bees and other ‘pollinators.’ It also keeps the unwanted critters out, like bunnies and birds. The hinges and lids make picking the berries easier too. That’s the whole point of growing them right?! To get to eat them!

Looking for other planter box ideas? The Self Sufficient Living has 12 DIYs that are worth checking out. Perfect for growing every which thing! I really like number 7.

See more of these protected boxes here…

Gardening Jones: Smarter Berries