Keep Your Food Budget In Line With These Creative Hacks


I love Costco. It is one of my favorite places. One of my happy places. The only problem is that buying in bulk doesn’t always go according to plan. Just because I buy a ton of lettuce doesn’t mean I’m going to be able to eat enough salads before it goes bad. This roundup from Diply has 11 tips and tricks on how to not waste food like I do. I need to shop smarter!

I’m down with trying all of these! Number 8, washing berries in vinegar to prevent mold, would be a win at my house if it worked. We love fresh fruit but never can get to the bottom before they start to go bad. Number 11 is my favorite. My Bananas are always going bad so quickly! Real Simple has some tips on what to buy in bulk. Yes on the cereal and toothpaste. No on the carrots. Lol. This is some helpful info to have.

See all 11 hacks here…

Diply: 11 Budget-Friendly Hacks To Stop Wasting Food