Kid’s Hand Print Calendar

kid hand print calendar

Here’s the perfect craft to start off the new year! Help your kiddos create their own calendar with just their hands and some paint. Head on over to the E Is For Explore blog to get the tutorials for each individual month.

Here’s the link… E Is For Explore! – Hand Print Calendar Tutorials

What is so much fun about this project is that you can be as detailed or as basic as you like. To stay basic, just use one or two colors for each month’s shape.

If you want to go more advanced, you can get really creative and go into great detail with each month’s design. The video below will help you with some fantastic ideas for more detail.

For example, the turkey for November could easily be one days worth of work for your kiddo.

Or you can try and tackle all twelve months in one day. Either way, have fun!

Here’s a helpful video tutorial as well:

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