33 Kitchen Shortcuts You Should Be Taking

33 Kitchen Shortcuts You Should Be Taking But Aren’t

33 Kitchen Shortcuts You Should Be Taking

Check out these tips from Best Plants! They are sure to make your life easier. We all have a weak area in the kitchen and these are going to help. Cooking doesn’t need to be complicated and this roundup proves that. It is filled with common sense tips, simple reminders, and easy tricks to make your journey to becoming a gourmet chef easier.

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Best Plants – 33 Kitchen Shortcuts You Could Take But Don’t

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There are many things that you have to do in the kitchen. Nobody really enjoys any of these chores, that’s why these kitchen shortcuts can make your life easier.

Some great time saving kitchen hacks:

– Make it easier to work with plastic wrap
– Ripen peaches and bananas on command
– Peeling Ginger Easily
– Making it easier to peel eggs
– Making it easier to slice meat
– Protect Knives
– Foaming Milk

Make it Easier to Work with Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap can be very difficult to work with because it always sticks to itself. To make this easier try keeping it in the fridge. You should find that chilled plastic wrap will be much easier to handle.

Ripen Peaches and Bananas on command

If peaches and bananas are still unripe, then you can speed up the process by using nothing more than a paper bag. The paper bag traps ethylene gas inside which speeds up the ripening process.

Peeling Ginger Easily

The skin on ginger is very thin, pealing with a peeler or a knife can be difficult because the ginger is not smooth. Use a spoon so that you can get into all the uneven areas of the ginger.

Make it Easier to Peel Eggs

Removing egg shells from hard boiled eggs can be very frustrating. To make this easier add a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to your eggs. These will pass through the egg shell which should make it much easier for you to remove.

Make it Easier to Slice Meat

Slicing meat thinly can be almost impossible. However, a quick freeze can make the meat harder and easier to cut. Pop it in the freezer for around half an hour to firm up.

Protect Knives

If you don’t have a knife block then you can protect the tips of knives by using old wine corks. Simply push the cork onto the end of the knife.

Foaming Milk

If you want to foam milk without a frother then you might think you’re out of luck. But there is an easy solution. Fill a jar half full with milk and put the lid on. Then shake until the volume of the milk has doubled. Take the lid off and microwave so you can enjoy warm frothy milk.