This Hostel In Kyoto Is a Bookstore You Can Sleep In

Have you ever gone to a bookstore only to wish you could spend all night there reading books and relaxing? Well, that dream is now a reality. This hostel in Kyoto, Japan is all that: a bookstore you can sleep in.

This bookstore hostel features 20 beds, averaging at $40 per night. The beds are built into the bookshelves, and you can grab whatever you want and get cozy! This hostel also has a bar with locally brewed beers. The motto for the store is “book and bed and beer”. The hostel even supplies comfy robes to wear during your stay.

The city of Kyoto is also unique itself. It is a very traditional city in Japan that has inspired poets for centuries, so this bookstore hostel would definitely be the perfect place to stay. Instead of staying in a boring and expensive hotel room, you can stay in this hostel surrounded by books, beer, and great people. The price? Roughly $40 per night.
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1. If you are like me, you have wanted to spend a night in a bookstore

bookstore hostel 1

2. And this new bookstore hostel in Kyoto, Japan lets you do just that!

bookstore hostel 2

3. There are bunks built inside of the bookshelves

bookstore hostel 3bookstore hostel bed

4. And you are surrounded by books to read all night long

bookstore hostel 4

5. This hostel also has a bar stocked with local beers

bookstore hostel 5

6. And they even give you a robe to wear

It’s a luxurious hostel, much better than the norm!
bookstore hostel robes

7. This is definitely a dream vacation for bookworms

bookstore hostel 7

via: bookandbed

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This bookstore hostel is now on my list of dream vacations. Would you want to spend the night here? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!


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