Lacy Paper Snowflake Decorations

How To Make A Beautiful 3-D Lacy Snowflake

Lacy Paper Snowflake Decorations

Come on Mom, We should have stepped-up our paper snowflake game! Nothing we made when I was little looked like this. Sure, my coffee filter flakes were a work of art but I think I could have gone more creative. At least it’s not too late for my kids! I’m ready to take things to the next level.

To make lacy paper snowflakes you will need: 10 square pieces of paper (there is no wrong size), scissors, a glue stick, and a ruler. You are also going to need to watch the amazing video tutorial below. What seems strange about these supplies? The glue stick. I had never thought about gluing different snowflakes together but I wish I had because the results are amazing.

Just like she said in the video, this ornament would make a nice window decoration, a gift, or with smaller paper-a tree ornament. Using Christmas or pretty paper is another idea. What a cute idea! Be sure to look at these other DIY Christmas decorations from HGTV…they are pretty great!

Here’s the video for making this gorgeous craft…Enjoy!