lavender lemonade

Lavender Lemonade Is A Real Treat

lavender lemonade

Pictured above is a recipe called Herb Citrus Cordial by I Love Wildfox. I think my heart skipped a beat. Maybe two. This dreamy recipe just screams hot summer days and cool summer nights. Sweet bliss. Lavender is one of my garden favorites. It’s easy to grow, looks beautiful, and smells heavenly. Why wouldn’t it be amazing in a drink? No reason! Lavender lemonade sounds like the best things since sweet tea! Sliced bread? iPhones?

Lavender, sugar, lemon, water (cold and hot), and ice are all you need to make this refreshing treat. The tutorial shows how to make an easy lavender infusion. This might make me less of a DIYer but I’d want to use purple culinary lavender and not homemade. I saw a drink made with it once and it was the most amazing shade of indigo. I want to duplicate that! If I can do with lavender from my garden I will.

Whether it is a lemonade or a lemon drop… here are some tips from Mixology on using lavender in drinks.

Here’s the link to the lavender lemonade recipe…

Simply Recipes: Lavender Lemonade