Lazy Susan Shoe Storage Plans

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lazy susan shoe rack diy

One of our readers sent me this image above and I did some digging to find a DIY solution. It turns out that if you are handy with wood and some power tools this project is actually quite doable!

You can buy the exact plans here (LazyShoeZen). Or try and figure it out on your own by watching the video. It walks you through the entire process of building one of these for yourself. Here’s the videos – Enjoy!


Here’s a guide from great home ideas:


Here’s a clever DIY tower idea:


This one stores 36 pairs of shoes:


DIY Tyler Shares his build:

Another option is to head over to Etsy and find a pre-built model that you like. However, they can be pricey! One of them is being sold for $900. Go HERE to see your options.

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