Leftover Cardboard Boxes Get Turned Into A Wonderful Play Kitchen


Kids get tired of toys and grow out of them pretty fast. That’s disheartening when you think about how much they cost! (Not that I had an $8000 portable inflatable water slide or a gold plated Monopoly game.) Your little ones don’t have to have the latest and greatest to have great play times. Rodessa Villanueva-Reyes, a mother from the Philippines, proved that with this play kitchen she made for her daughter. It’s 100% repurposed cardboard!

A kids playhouse kitchen would be a fun addition to the playroom for that little guy or gal in your life. This will put your easy bake oven to shame! Repurposing old cardboard boxes is such a grand idea. You can personalize it to fit your child and spend your money on all the fun trinkets instead of the actual structure. That sounds like a win to me. This kitchen has everything…I love the water dispenser in the fridge!

Check out these other cardboard creations featured at Buzzfeed. Brilliant! A Washer and Dryer? Yes please!

Here’s the link to see the full project details…

PopSugar: Mom Turns Leftover Cardboard Boxes Into Incredible Play Kitchen