How To Turn Leggings Into A Crop Top


Summer will be over soon. I hate to say it but Labor Day is around the corner and the first day of autumn isn’t too far from that. That means you need to take advantage of the warm weather while it’s still here! Shorts, skirts, sun dresses, tank tops, tees, and crop tops…wear ‘em while you can! This video from Handimania shows how you can make a crop top with just one cut out of an old pair of leggings.

No sew clothing projects are the best. Quick, easy, idiot proof. I normally am cutting up old tee shirts and trying to make them more fashionable but I guess I could grab a pair of leggings and some scissors and give this a go. That is, if I wore crop tops. Which I don’t! It’s a great idea but I just prefer to keep my tummy hidden. I didn’t like belly shirts much in high school and I don’t like them much now as the trend has come around again. Lol.

Are these other fashion trends coming back too? I hope the choker necklaces don’t but the jelly shoes do! What trend do you wish would come back? Please don’t say sky high platforms.