Lego Candy

Make Your Own Lego Shaped Gummy Candy

Lego Candy

Facebook. Pinterest. YouTube. Twitter. They are all bottomless black holes that suck time. I could pin laundry room remodel ideas all day and don’t get me started on cute animal videos. The internet is full of fun stuff. But none more fun than this video from The King Of Random (aka Grant Thompson). He has a video showing how to make gummy Legos. I know…awesome!

Every kid and, if we’re being honest, adult loves Legos. These edible building blocks are made with Jello and look so tasty. We cut Jello into shapes with cookie cutters at my house but this takes things to a whole new level. Are you up for a yummy challenge?

Lego gummies…yes please. Lego cakes…h to the ell yes! Baby Savers has a fun collection of 15 DIY Lego cakes that I know you will love. They are so creative! Find the full roundup here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!